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MD Imaging (MDI) joins Dignity Health Advanced Imaging (DHAI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Dignity Health Advanced Imaging (DHAI) acquire MD Imaging (MDI)’s radiology practice?

This alignment marks an important step forward in our strategy to expand on our goal to bring fully-integrated, comprehensive care to the Redding area while accommodating for the growth of the community.

Patients and community members will have access to fully-integrated services that account for the whole patient experience across the spectrum of care. This includes increased access to specialists within the Dignity Health Network including neurology, oncology, cardiology, women’s health and Mercy Regional Cancer Center.

We look forward to building upon MDI’s legacy and commitment to providing exceptional imaging services in the Redding area.


Does DHAI provide the same services as MD Imaging?

DHAI has served patients across California for over 11 years. We strive to extend compassion and personalized care to our patients during their diagnostic imaging and procedure experience. 

We offer mammograms, PET scans, interventional radiology, computed tomography (CT scans), MRIs, ultrasounds X-rays and more. More information on DHAI services.

DHAI will not provide laser hair removal services. 

For help with an appointment call: (530) 243-1249


How do I schedule a mammogram? 

For help scheduling a mammogram or other imaging services, call: (530) 243-1249


Will I be able to see my same clinician?

Patients are able to receive care from the clinicians they know and trust while gaining access to the Dignity Health Network.

The following physicians have joined DHAI:

  • Adam Attoun, DO
  • Philip Baker, MD
  • Ewa Bauer, MD
  • Reed Grabow, MD
  • Douglas Hughes, MD
  • Amjad Rasheed, MD
  • Don Chin, MD
  • Gregory Shaw, MD
  • Stephen Hofkin, MD
  • Rhonda Wyatt, MD
  • Sander Saidman, MD


Will this make services more expensive?

We expect this agreement to bring additional benefits to the community, including more integrated and affordable services for patients, and increased physician recruitment to serve the community’s health care needs.

Dignity Health Advanced Imaging accepts most major insurances including MediCal and Medicare. 


Do I have to be a Dignity Health patient to receive services from Dignity Health Advanced Imaging? 

No, DHAI accepts referrals from most community providers. 


Is DHAI part of Dignity Health Medical Group — North State or Mercy Medical Center Redding?

DHAI is a full-service radiology and imaging group, separate from Dignity Health Medical Group — North State and Mercy Medical Center Redding, with its own leadership team. 

Dignity Health Medical Group — North State and Mercy Medical Center patients benefit from the integrated network with DHAI. 


Will the contact information for MDI change? 

Our phone numbers have not change. You can reach us at: (530) 243-1249

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Where do I submit my payment? 

If your bill is for a treatment received prior to March 1, 2024, please submit payments to MD Imaging:

  • Mail your payment to: PO Box 849976, Los Angeles, CA, 90084-9976
  • Call (888) 223-4956 for billing help.
  • You can also make a payment at the front desk of your clinic location

If your bill is for a treatment received March 1, 2024 or later, payments need to be submitted to Dignity Health Advanced Imaging:

  • Submit a payment online here
  • Call (877) 427-7060 to make a credit card payment over the phone
  • Mail a payment to PO Box 742016, Los Angeles, CA 90074-2016
  • You can also make a payment at the front desk of your clinic location in the form of a check, money order, or credit card payment. Cash is not be accepted. 

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