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Control Over Asthma

Mercy Medical Group can help you get control of your asthma symptoms. 


Asthma Care

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. The disease affects 300 million people worldwide and results in billions of dollars of lost revenue yearly due to sick days for personal asthma care or the care of children with asthma. The doctors at Mercy Medical Group's Asthma Care Center are working to change that.

Asthma Relief

With new guidelines and specialized services for asthma treatment, our patients can expect:

  • No or few asthma symptoms even at night or after exercise
  • Prevention of all or most asthma attacks
  • Participation in all activities, including exercise and outdoor sports
  • No emergency visits or hospital stays
  • Less need for quick-relief medications such as Albuterol
  • No or few side effects from asthma medications

Qualified Experts

If you are suffering from asthma symptoms, one of our highly educated and qualified team members will meet with you for an evaluation. Upon evaluation of your symptoms and lung function, a referral to an allergist (for asthma due to allergies) or a pulmonologist (for asthma related to lung function) may be provided if necessary to further determine the best course of action to control your asthma. Asthma Care will also provide:

  • Education about asthma
  • Assistance with prescriptions and equipment
  • Nutrition advice
  • Personalized asthma action treatment plans
  • Prescription refills for inhaler and nebulizer medications
  • Self-management skills training
  • The opportunity to improve your quality of life

Visit our convenient online directory for information about our Allergy and Immunology and Pulmonology physicians.


When you need to see a specialist - Learn more with this Asthma Care Specialist Referral Checklist.

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Asthma Control - Take this self-test to determine whether your asthma is in control.

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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma severity varies from person to person. Most people who have asthma develop their first symptoms while still young. About half show symptoms before age 10 and an additional third before age 40. But anyone can develop asthma at any time.

Asthma Care Checklist

This checklist will help determine if you should be referred to an Asthma Care specialist. Once you have been evaluated, a referral to an allergist, immunologist or pulmonologist may be offered if deemed necessary.

Learn More About Asthma Care

To learn more about our services and how we can help, please call us at (916) 733-3333. or use our online feature, Find a Doctor tool.