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Audiology is a specialty which provides a wide range of diagnostic testing to determine the type and degree of hearing loss for patients of all ages. Testing is provided in a sound booth using a variety of calibrated equipment and testing techniques.

Our audiologists

Our audiologists obtain a thorough case history, and, combined with testing results, advise and counsel patients and their families, making recommendations for improved hearing ability. They also refer to our Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat - ENT) physicians if medical conditions are present - giving our patients convenience and continuity of care.

Our audiologists are licensed for dispensing and fitting hearing aids and assisted listening devices to our patients when needed. Follow-up appointments and continued care is provided on a long-term basis, often developing relationships over many years. Our team completes continuing education to stay current with the evolving hearing aid technologies and educational research, so our patients receive the best hearing care.


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