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Asthma Care Specialist Referral Checklist

Do you:

  • Have asthma symptoms every day and often at night that cause you to limit your activities?
  • Not meet the goals of your asthma treatment after three to six months, or are not responding to your current treatment?
  • Have symptoms that are unusual or hard to diagnose?
  • Experience co-existing conditions such as severe hay fever or sinusitis that complicate asthma or its diagnosis?
  • Feel you need more tests to find out more about their asthma and the causes of symptoms?
  • Need more help and instruction on treatment plans, medicines or asthma triggers?
  • Want more information about being helped by allergy shots?
  • Need oral corticosteroid therapy or high-dose inhaled corticosteroids?
  • Need help to identify asthma triggers?

Have you:

  • Taken oral corticosteroids more than twice in one year?
  • Stayed in a hospital because of asthma?
  • Had a diagnosis of asthma that is in doubt?
  • Had a life-threatening asthma attack?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, ask your doctor to refer you to an Asthma Care specialist. Once you have been evaluated, a referral to an allergist, immunologist or pulmonologist may be offered if deemed necessary.

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