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Total Hip Replacement

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Living with constant hip pain can make you do less of the things you enjoy. Total hip replacement can get you back in full gear.

Our compassionate and skilled specialists at Dignity Health understand how important it is to be pain-free. With total hip replacement surgery, your entire hip joint will be replaced with an artificial one. Our orthopedic surgeons recommend total hip replacement when other treatment options have not been successful at relieving your pain.

End Pain with Hip Replacement Surgery at Dignity Health

You may be experiencing pain and limited movement due to a number of different hip conditions. With a total hip replacement, your new hip will get you back to your favorite activities.

Your orthopedic surgeon may recommend a total hip replacement if you have: is causing your pain.

  • hip joint infections and injuries
  • bone death(osteonecrosis)
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis or other degenerative disease

Your Dignity Health orthopedic surgeon will let you know what to expect and discuss your options for total hip replacement. The types of hip replacement are cemented, uncemented, and a combination of both. No matter the type of hip replacement you select, your physical, mental, and spiritual needs are our top concern and will always be included in your personal treatment plan.

Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Your total hip replacement recovery time will depend on the type of surgery you and your doctor choose.

With minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, your surgeon will make smaller incisions, which will result in less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a quicker recovery. With open surgery, your surgeon will make a large incision, and your recovery will a bit longer.

Ultimately, know that you deserve to get back to enjoying the best things life has to offer. During and after recovery, be sure to keep you and your new hip healthy by exercising and maintaining a healthy weight.

Are you ready to live without hip pain? Talk to your doctor about total hip replacement today.

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