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Wellness, Hypertension, Diabetes

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Proactive health care checks can save lives. Dignity Health Medical Group offers comprehensive primary care and specialty care services to care for you.

Wellness begins with you


Wellness Awareness

Proactive care and early detection of illnesses is known to have a better survival rate than reactive care of the same diseases. Sometimes these diseases come with symptoms that are silent or masked. Regular check-ups with your primary care provider is key to proactive care. 


A wellness check is usually an annual appointment with a primary care provider who helps monitor your health. This examiniation evaluates your overall wellness and gives your provider important information about the condition of your health.  These annual exams allow for a yearly assessment to make sure you are in good health and with the intent to identify health issues before they become bigger problems. 


Learn more about wellness exams

  • What to expect at a wellness exam?

    The annual wellness exam is a time for you to talk with your provider about your health issues or concerns. 

    The provider may do a physical examination to include: height/weight, blood work, lung examinations, blood pressure, immunizations, heart screenings among others. The provider may also order tests like mammograms, prostate exams or colonoscopy or other evaluations to ensure your getting the care needed to be well.





  • How to prepare for your wellness exam

    Here are a few tips to prepare for a routine wellness exam with your primary care provider:


    Write down any questions you have about your health and bring them with you to the appointment.


    Know the medications that you take daily.


    Be familiar with your family history and share any concerns you may have.


    Know your numbers: understand what a healthy blood presure, blood sugar and pulse ox, height and weight is for you.  

  • How to find a doctor

    Ask for recommendations from family and friends.   


    Check insurances to make sure the provider you want to see is in-network with your health care insurance plan. 


    Build a relationship. The primary care doctor is your health care partner. It is important to have a relationship with him or her so you feel comfortable speaking about all your health care concerns. 


    See below for a list of Dignity Health Medical Group Primary Care providers. 


  • Know your numbers

    Once you see your primary care provider, make note of your numbers.


    What is a normal blood pressure number, blood sugar, height/weight? 


    Are there measures that need to be taken to reduce these numbers, or better control them? 


    Be in the know so you can proactively manage your health in partnership with your primary care provider. 


Team-based care. How can we help you?

Dignity Health Medical Group offers both Family Medicine and Internal Medicine providers. Our Primary Care Clinics are Patient-Center Medical Home Certified which means they deliver a team-based care to provide comprehensive and continous medical care to patients with a goal to obtain maximum health outcomes.  Our organization is committed to quality care, patient satisfaction and humankindness. The Dignity Health Medical Group Primary Care Providers work alongside you to manage your care needs at every step of the care journey.

To schedule an appointment for any one of our medical providers, please call 602-406-3464

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