Next Generation of Health Care — and Health Caring


We are a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization. That is, our goal is not to prosper personally but rather to enhance the lives of those seeking help and wellness.

We are many things: medical groups, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, physician offices, more than 40 hospitals and medical centers. But most of all, we are thousands of people dedicated to delivering excellent care in the communities we serve.


Physician Practice Opportunities

Humankindness is appreciated by physicians as well as patients. At Dignity Health, you'll find a supportive, collegial environment with staff committed to bringing the latest technology and best practices to patient care.

Medical Student Residencies

Join a Dignity Health residency program. Become a member of one of the largest hospital systems in the nation and the largest not-for-profit acute care provider in California.

Opportunities for Graduating Residents

Fulfill your potential. Join a team dedicated to medical excellence and committed to humankindness.

Choose to Give Back

Champion the change we'd like to see. Join us in our mission of healing through humankindness.

The More You Know

The field of medicine does not stand still. Learn more about what new discoveries are being made and what other physicians are talking about.

A Community of Compassion

Part of humankindness is being right where you need us. Every minute of every day, we provide quality, compassionate health care at more than 40 hospitals and care centers in communities across California, Arizona, and Nevada.