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Back surgery and treatment

Recovery from back surgery and treatment

You’ll probably need to stay in the hospital after your procedure for several days or weeks, depending on the type of procedure. A back brace or a cast will provide stability while you recover.

After you return home, you’ll have physical therapy and rehabilitation, which are essential parts of back surgery recovery. You’ll learn how to move correctly to protect your spine.

Because the bones in the spine are essential to movement and are so strong, they can take longer to heal than other bones. While some procedures take only eight to 12 weeks to recover, others take longer. It may take several months to recover fully from some types of back surgery, depending on your age and overall health.


Many people experience eventual relief from back pain once they have recovered from back surgery.

In some cases, once your procedure is complete, you may feel a persistent backache. This feeling can be relieved through physical activity, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight. In most cases, you’ll have less energy after your back surgery, and you may experience some stiffness and loss of range of motion or flexibility. These symptoms  will gradually diminish as you recover.

Your surgeon may suggest you practice walking before trying other, higher-impact activities like biking or swimming. 

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