Treatment of cervicitis

Options for cervicitis treatments and prevention depend on the cause and severity of the condition. Treatment may not be necessary for mild cases where there is no infection.

If your cervicitis is the result of trauma, irritation, or an allergic reaction, avoiding the likely trigger may help you prevent future cases. If your birth control, IUD, or pessary (for example) may have caused cervicitis, our experts at Dignity Health are available to discuss alternatives.

Our health care providers use prescription medication (typically antibiotics or antifungal medication) to treat most cases of infection-related cervicitis. Doctors may also screen for STIs to ensure appropriate treatment. Prompt and effective treatment is necessary because some STIs can cause serious complications, including infertility. You and your partner may both require treatment.

It is possible to decrease your risk of cervicitis by using condoms every time you have sex and limiting your sexual partners, or engaging in a monogamous relationship with a partner who does not have any STIs.

With appropriate treatment, most cases of cervicitis clear up and do not cause any long-term complications. To ensure you get the best cervicitis treatments in AZ, NV, and CA as soon as possible, speak to one of our highly trained gynecologists at Dignity Health.

Dignity Health is committed to providing quality care for cervicitis in Arizona, California, and Nevada.