Urinary tract infection

Treatment of urinary tract infection

Treatment and prevention strategies help you stay as healthy as possible. Most women feel better after beginning treatment. You may be able to prevent urinary tract infections by:

  • Wiping front to back
  • Urinating after sex to flush out bacteria
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Urinating whenever you feel the urge
  • Avoiding douching
  • Wearing loose-fitting cotton underwear

If you develop signs and symptoms, see your Dignity Health provider before attempting any home remedies for UTI. Your doctor will test a sample of your urine to confirm the presence of bacteria and determine which treatment will work best. Antibiotics taken by mouth cure most UTIs in a few days.

If you get three or more UTIs in a year, you might need several courses of antibiotics. A one-time dose of an antibiotic can help prevent infection if you tend to get infections from intercourse. Make an appointment with your Dignity Health doctor to receive treatment for UTIs or to schedule additional tests to determine the cause of frequent infections.

Dignity Health provides diagnosis and quality treatment for UTIs in Arizona, California, and Nevada.