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Mercy Medical Group Food Desensitization Program

For children and adults.

Nine-year-old Michael Lee eats six grams of peanuts every 12 hours, a maintenance dose as part of a food desensitization program at Mercy Medical Group. Michael would often have to go the emergency department after accidentally eating food made with peanuts, a very frightening experience for the boy who was diagnosed with peanut and other nut allergies when he was four years old.

Dr. Rubina Inamdar, allergist at Mercy Medical Group started a food desensitization program at Mercy Medical Group in February. Michael is the first patient to complete the program. Dr. Inamdar and her colleague, Dr. Binita Mandal, also an allergist at Mercy Medical Group, were interviewed about this new food desensitization program, which is the first of its kind in the Sacramento region.

Read the article in The Sacramento Bee from June 25

The story also aired on:
July 2 – KMAX Channel 31’s Good Day Sacramento  
June 26 – News 10

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