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A woman looks at her phone as she checks in ahead of time for a visit with a physician

Introducing convenience—a digital registration and check-in experience

With Dignity Health’s new technology, scheduled patients will now receive text message and email notifications two (2) days prior to their upcoming appointment. Please complete all forms prior to your appointment to speed up your check-in process for your upcoming and future appointments. Providing this information beforehand will allow your health care provider to receive important details and enhance your visit. If the pre-visit has not been completed, then patients will receive a subsequent reminder one day prior and again the morning of their scheduled appointment. 

  • The phone number will come from “75442” and the URL will say: 

  • The email will come from “Dignity Health Medical Foundation.” Images are best loaded via mobile devices rather than desktops.

  • To complete the process, we recommend you have your insurance cards and photo ID handy.

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See what people are saying

Patients are raving about the ease and convenience of registering ahead of time. Here’s what they are saying about Dignity Health’s new pre-visit check-in experience:

  • “I love getting this done before arrival.” 

  • “Straightforward prompts, and it was easy to upload photos. I appreciate being able to check in electronically versus in person given the uptick in COVID-19 cases.” 

  • “If I could do it, I would think anyone could do it.”

  • “I love how easy this was to register and pay my copay. Works great.” 

  • “It was concise and easy to take photos of documents from my phone or pull from my photo library.” 

  • “Really nice not to have to put in my relatively complex password via phone keyboard (not being sarcastic).” 

  • “When my doctor entered the exam room, he thanked me for updating my medication list and other health information before the visit so that he had time to review.”

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