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Bone density scan.

What is a DEXA scan (Bone Density Test)?

The procedure which involves the evaluation of bone mineral density is called a DEXA scan (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). DEXA scan is one of the best detectors of bone mineral density. The use of low dose radiation in conjunction with highly sophisticated computerized analysis provides unique and accurate information. It measures bone mineralization and detects osteoporosis or bone loss due to menopause, medications or other risk factors.

How does a DEXA scan work?

Bone densitometry involves an extremely small dose of radiation. How small? An AP spine scan delivers less than one-tenth the dosage of a chest X-ray. It is comparable to the amount received on a transcontinental airline flight.

Why choose Dignity Health Medical Foundation for DEXA scan?

Our team at Dignity Health Medical Foundation Imaging provides high-quality imaging in convenient locations. All of our offices are staffed and operated to assure excellent and compassionate patient care. We work closely with all of our patients and offer a comfortable and private setting, staffed by our team of qualified professionals.

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