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Neurology at Dignity Health Medical Foundation

What is a stroke?

A stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery or when a blood vessel breaks and stops blood flow to an area of the brain. When either of these things happen, brain cells begin to die, brain damage occurs and abilities controlled by that area of the brain are lost.

Problems resulting from a stroke can range from minor to major depending on where in the brain the stroke occurs and how much damage is done.

Symptoms of a stroke

Watch for these signs and symptoms if you think you or someone else may be having a stroke:

  • Trouble with walking
  • Trouble with speaking and understanding
  • Paralysis or numbness of the face, arm or leg
  • Trouble with seeing in one or both eyes
  • Sudden, severe headache

Stroke recovery

The road to recovery from a stroke can be a challenging one. The healthcare professionals at Dignity Health Medical Foundation have advanced technology and experience to help guide and support you or your loved one through their recovery journey.

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