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Maternity care in California


While pregnancy is difficult and trying at times, the part most women fear the most is the actual act of giving birth. Many women are unsure of how to prepare for labor and the pain of childbirth is overwhelming to them. Let Dignity Health Medical Foundation’s OB-GYNs alleviate the stress and help with your birth process.

Comprehensive maternity care

Our maternity care physicians are dedicated to providing comprehensive maternal care, including labor and delivery services for vaginal deliveries, cesarean sections, and VBACs. During your pregnancy, you will be seen regularly by one of our resident physicians in conjunction with Board Certified Family Physicians. We recognize and appreciate what a special experience this is for you and will do our best to ensure that the doctors that care for you during your pregnancy are present during the delivery of your new baby.

What to expect

Your first OB visit at our center will last approximately 30-45 minutes. During this visit, the doctor will get to know you as a person, address your questions, review your medical history, evaluate you for any potential health risks, perform a complete physical exam, and discuss what you might expect over the next nine months.

After your first visit, you will be scheduled to see the doctor regularly. At each visit you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share any concerns you have regarding your pregnancy. Your doctor will take the time to answer your questions and provide you with more information about what to expect. Your doctor will also help you develop a delivery plan that is tailored specifically for you to ensure that your delivery experience is positive.

We understand that having a baby is a family experience and we encourage you to bring your families/friends with you to your appointments.


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