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Hip conditions and procedures


The area where your hip bone (pelvis) and thigh bone (femur) are connected is called the hip joint. In and around your hip are tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other soft tissues. Hip surgery may be recommended if noninvasive treatments and therapies have not been successful.

The following orthopedic conditions may require a hip surgery or procedure in order to relieve chronic pain and discomfort or to restore a full range of motion: 

  • Injuries to the hip joint, including dislocations, fractures, overuse injuries, and torn cartilage

  • Osteoarthritis, causing cartilage and bone to break down

  • Inflammatory arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis

  • Traumatic arthritis, which develops after a severe sprain, strain, or fracture

  • Dysplasia, a condition in which the hip joint develops incorrectly and wears out

  • Osteonecrosis, a rare condition in which the bone starts to die and break down

  • Injuries that create bone fragments or pieces of cartilage

  • Hip symptoms that can’t be explained, including catching and snapping, stiffness, swelling, locking, and general pain

Our orthopedic surgeons perform the following hip procedures:

  • Arthroscopic procedures

  • Hip dislocation repair

  • Hip fracture repair

  • Hip resurfacing

  • Total hip replacement

Your specific hip problem will determine your treatment plan. We specialize in the latest procedures, including minimally invasive surgery, and more. See the complete list of surgeries we perform.


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