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Comprehensive physicals

Growing up, you probably went to see a physician once a year for your school physical. But since graduating, a regular wellness exam might not seem necessary, especially if you feel healthy. While the frequency of your visits may be less in young adulthood, it is still important to see a physician, ensuring everything is in tip-top shape. 

Whether you’re looking for a regular checkup or your child is getting ready for school sports, a Dignity Health Medical Foundation primary care physicians can help you with what you need, from providing wellness tips to staying up to date on vaccines.

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When to get a physical

Men aged 18-39 years can go as long as two years between wellness exams, while women in that same age range should have two physical exams in their 20s and another two in their 30s.

As you age, these visits should become more frequent. Men over 45 years should have a physical exam once a year and begin colorectal cancer screenings. Women over 45 years should have a physical exam every one to two years, also beginning mammograms and colorectal cancer screenings.

Steps of a physical

During a physical, your physician will:

  • Review and update personal and family health history
  • Review and update current medications and supplements
  • Address health issues or acute illnesses
  • Assess immunization history and administer appropriate vaccinations
  • Conduct a physical examination
  • Evaluate appropriate health screening needs
  • Schedule appropriate follow-ups or referrals 

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With clinics throughout California, a Dignity Health Medical Foundation primary care physician is right around the corner, waiting to assist you along your wellness journey.

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