A mission of healing and humankindess for all

For nearly 170 years, Dignity Health has been on a mission of healing for all Californians. Today we continue to boldly deliver critically needed care and support to those who might not otherwise get it: to communities of color, LGBTQ+ people, those who are unhoused, those who are poor, undocumented immigrants, survivors of human trafficking and many others who are vulnerable. We are increasing access to care and removing barriers to health, wellness and equality.

No other provider in Californian serves more Medicaid recipients, diverse patients and underserved communities. Our impassioned work to champion the health of every Californian can be found at ForEveryCalifornian.org.

Stories of caring for California lives:

Making Magic in Southern California: Jewels Long Beach on the Easter Walk Tradition

Jewels Long Beach is a comedian, host, drag queen and philanthropist. She has called Long Beach her home for over 21 years and has received numerous honors and awards for being a community activist, including her work on behalf of the CARE Center at Dignity Health’s St. Mary’s Medical Center to ensure LGBTQ+ patients get the care they need.

Community-Based Efforts Key to Vaccinating California’s 400,000 Essential Farmworkers

For more than a year, through all the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, California’s more than 400,000 farm workers—who often don’t have access to health care—never stopped showing up for work. While they’re hard at work making sure Californians have enough food to eat, Dignity Health has worked hard to take the vaccination directly to them.

University of California Partnership Powers Exceptional and Accessible Cancer Care for All

A cancer diagnosis is devastating, not just to the patient who receives it, but to the friends and loved ones who will support them through treatment. An important partnership between Dignity Health and UC Health provides access to specialized cancer care across the state.

20,000 Vulnerable LA Residents Vaccinated in 5-Day Clinic

As the pandemic raged last fall and winter, case rates among California’s Latinx and Black residents outpaced rates among the general public, underscoring longstanding health disparities. In an effort to better support these vital, yet underserved communities, Dignity Health vaccinated 20,000 in an LA drive-thru clinic.