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Caring Care for LGBTQ+ People and their Families

We provide top-quality health care to everyone—and that absolutely means LGBTQ+ people and their families.

We at Dignity Health know that LGBTQ+ people have long faced serious discrimination in health care and other realms--so we are proud to offer you respectful, welcoming, knowledgeable, non-discriminatory care.

Dignity Health was founded by Catholic sisters deeply committed to compassionate care for all—this commitment is in our DNA. For example, early in the tragic AIDS epidemic, we publicly proclaimed the need for compassionate care—and we provided it. Gay men still tell us about sisters in our hospitals who sat for hours with them and their loved ones, holding hands and offering comfort when other health care providers backed away.

Our commitment to compassionate, non-discriminatory health care is stronger today than ever. To all LGBTQ+ people and their families, we say: we see you, we know you, we care about you. In fact, we are you: we’re proud to say we have thousands of LGBTQ+ employees, in every role, in every region.

Dignity Health faithfully serves everyone in need—and is deeply committed to equality for all.