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Meet our Cardiologists

Mercy Medical Group is proud to offer patients a team of cardiologists, all Fellowship-trained and practicing at locations throughout our region.


David A. Bayne, MD

Rohit Bhaskar, MD

Mehrdad Jafarzadeh, MD

Munir Janmohamed, MD

Roy Kaku, MD

Timothy Lee, MD

Catherine Malmsten, MD

Stephen Morrison, MD

Sarwar Orakzai, MD

Tejpal Randhawa, MD

Punit Sarna, MD

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Arash Aryana, MD

Mark Bowers, MD

Gearoid O’Neill, MD

Interventional Cardiology

Joseph Kozina, MD

David Lao, MD

Nick Majetich, MD

Walt Marquardt, MD

Amardeep Singh, MD

Karanjit Singh, MD

Inder Singh, MD 

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