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550 W. Ranch View Drive, Suite 3000
Rocklin, CA 

Amandeep Bajwa, MD

Care Philosophy: I decided to go into medicine because of my interest in how the human body works and found it fascinating how our many systems and processes all function together. In addition, I wanted to learn more about medicine because of my personal experiences with family members and their chronic medical conditions. I grew up with a cousin who has Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and as his disease progresses, it fuels my drive to go out and help folks, help themselves. He taught me to always appreciate life no matter tries to hold you back! Thus, it is important to me to work with my patients and listen to their needs so I can best manage their medical health as their partner.

2110 Professional Drive, Suite 120
Roseville, CA

Diana Arteaga, MD

Care Philosophy: I believe the patient is always first and this is best achieved by providing comprehensive and personalized care to the patient and their families.

Namrita Gogia, MD

Care Philosophy: I am sensitive to the uniqueness of each patient situation and adapt my consultations and treatment options to accommodate individual needs and concerns.

Gilbert Luceno, MD

Care Philosophy: I believe in treating every patient like a member of my own family. I always take the time to listen to my patients and clearly communicate all aspects of care. I look beyond the physical symptom and try to connect emotionally and mentally as well, and in that way I am able to provide competent care.

Michelle Maynard, MD

Care Philosophy: I love working with people and helping them live the healthiest life possible in spite of certain diseases they are living with.


Christel Miranda, MD

Care Philosophy: I believe in personalized medicine wherein care is tailored to fit the individual's personality and uniqueness. I strive to build strong collaborative relationships with my patients and the medical team. I treat every person with utmost kindness, respect and dignity. I want to become my patient's greatest ally in making informed decisions regarding their health, and to always be their source of care and comfort especially in their most vulnerable state.