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Hematology – Oncology

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Alborz Alali, MD
Care Philosophy: My patients and I work together to improve their overall health and quality of life. Helping my patients live life to the fullest at every stage of their life through education and medical intervention, only when needed, is my ultimate goal.
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Sonia Reichert, MD
Care Philosophy: Illness affects the body and mind, emotions and spirit, the individual and the family. This is especially true of cancer. Cancer is a journey that includes family and friends. I believe that successful treatment involves taking this journey hand in hand with my patients and supporting their unique medical and personal needs at every step of the way.
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John Schwerkoske, MD 
Care Philosophy: It is my goal to help patients understand the complexity of their illness so they can be active participants in making treatment decisions. To do that, I focus on their individual needs and wishes while explaining their options based on the best available medical evidence. Then we work together to achieve the best outcome.

General Surgery

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 Natasha Bir, MD 
Care Philosophy: Great care requires a team approach. I believe we should have all the information we need to make informed decisions, and to know in advance what to expect from surgery and recovery. The focus of my work is general surgery (hernia, gall bladder, emergency surgery, etc.) but I have a special interest in treating diseases of the thyroid/parathyroid, breast, and colon. I also devote a significant portion of my practice to treating cancer, including breast and colon cancer. For all my surgeries I use minimally invasive surgical techniques and multimodal pain control methods whenever possible to reduce recovery time and post-operative pain. I want people to be able to get back to their lives and families as soon as possible!
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 Thomas J. Magrino, MD 
Care Philosophy: I treat my patients with their best interests in mind. I fully educate them and answer questions so they understand and feel comfortable with the diagnosis and treament plan.
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Riaz Shah, MD 
Care Philosophy: Communication with my patients is a top priority, as it's important we work together to achieve the greatest possible quality of life.
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 Karen Win-Vroom, MD
Care Philosophy: I feel medicine is a partnership with my patients to provide them with the best care possible. I want ot give my patients the same level of care I would expect for my own family.

Radiation Oncology

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Melissa Lemieux, MD
Care Philosophy: I strive to treat each patient as a unique individual, understand his/her concerns, and provide them with comprehensive care.
Dignity Health Ellen Wiegner, MD
Care Philosophy: To provide my patients with compassionate, state-of-the-art cancer care.