Our Physicians


Family Medicine:
Kathy Cairo, MD
Pamela Davis, MD
Evelyn Hartvig, MD
Ruth Espinoza-Kavcioglu, MD     
Christopher Kuhlman, MD
Lucy Lee, MD
Janet Li, DO
Wendy Mak, DO
Tara Sarabakhsh, DO
Angela Sohn, DO
Cindy Yang, MD
Joni Zapata, MD

Family Medicine/Maternity Care:     
Diana Lev, MD

Family Medicine/Sports Medicine:
Mandeep Ghuman, MD

Catherine Cho, MD


Family Medicine Resident Physicians:

As one of the few teaching hospitals in the valley, the Dignity Health Family Medicine Residency Program at Northridge also sees patients in our clinic. Resident physicians are doctors who are completing their training in a particular specialty. Not only do our residents provide excellent care, patients also receive quality oversight from our attending physicians noted above. The attending physicians are in charge of the patient’s overall care and treatment in the office and hospital.

Click here for a complete list of our residency program providers. 

Inpatient Hospitalist Team:

Mark Amico, MD
Danny Arzanipour, MD
Babak Bina, DO
Sandep Chadha, MD
Prathima Charugundla, DO
Christian Chiavetta, DO
Michael Damavandi, DO
Christopher Dan, DO
Mohsen Ebneshahidi, MD
Osezemeghonghon Ekatah, MD     
Samuel Feizi, MD

Sarah Albert (Jones), DO
Fatima Imtiaz, DO
Victoria Lau, DO
Bradley Marcus, DO
Anthony Murphy, MD
Amrita Nensey, MD    
Shadi Sharif, DO
Jeffrey Wang, DO
Amber Williams, DO
Sahin Yanik, MD
Sumeet Wadhwani, MD