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Advanced Neurological Diagnostic Testing

Neurological conditions are disorders related to the brain and nerves. If your doctor suspects your symptoms are related to a neurological condition, they may order tests to pinpoint a diagnosis. At Dignity Health, we provide a full complement of diagnostic testing in the Bay Area. For personal care, use our online tool to Find a Doctor who’s right for you.

Why Neurological Diagnostic Tests are Performed

Neurologists specialize in treating traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain disorders such as epilepsy, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, conditions affecting the nerves and muscles such as multiple sclerosis, and even sleep disorders.

In some cases, a neurologist can make a diagnosis based on a neurological exam, which includes an evaluation of brain, spine, and nerve function. However, symptoms of many neurological disorders can look similar to each other and to problems not related to the nervous system. For this reason, a neurologist will use diagnostic testing to rule out certain conditions and determine a diagnosis. 

Common neurological diagnostic tests include: 

What Happens During Neurological Diagnostic Testing

Neurological diagnostic testing can take place in an Dignity Health outpatient center, doctor’s office, or hospital. Some neurological diagnostic testing is invasive while other tests consist of noninvasive imaging scans or electrical impulse recording. Our neurology team will provide you with details about what to expect and how to minimize your risk of complications.

Recovery After Neurological Diagnostic Testing

There is often no recovery time for most imaging studies. After they are complete, you usually are able to return to home or work.

Other neurological diagnostic tests require you to spend time under the care of a nurse in a recovery area. If your imaging test required a skin puncture for an injection of contrast dye or other reason, your doctor will give you instructions about how to care for the needle site and what types of activities you may participate in. 

Neurological diagnostic testing helps your doctor arrive at a diagnosis as quickly as possible. Once a diagnosis has been made, your neurological care team at Dignity Health will be able to create a treatment plan personalized for your specific needs. 

Dignity Health offers complete neurological diagnostic testing in the Bay Area.