Diagnosis of endometriosis

If you have uncomfortable symptoms from endometriosis in CA, AZ, and NV, gynecologists at Dignity Health can provide the trusted women’s health services you need. Find a Doctor to arrange a consultation at a Dignity Health location today.

Treatment of endometriosis

Treatment and prevention options depend on the severity of the endometriosis, your medical history, and whether or not you wish to become pregnant in the future. At Dignity Health, we offer a range of endometriosis treatments, including:

  • Medication: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen may help ease the pain.
  • Hormone therapy: Endometrial tissue grows and shrinks in response to hormones. Hormone medications can help control hormone levels and decrease uncomfortable endometriosis symptoms. Hormone therapy may include birth control pills, progestin-containing IUDs, contraceptive injections, and medications to block the release of hormones.
  • Lifestyle changes: Regular exercise and avoiding alcohol and caffeine may improve symptoms.
  • Surgery: Surgery isn’t a cure but may be needed if other treatments haven’t provided enough relief. Doctors remove patches of endometrial tissue from outside the uterus. About 40 to 80 percent of women develop pain again within two years after surgery. Health care providers also often recommend surgery to improve fertility in women with endometriosis who want to have children. If endometriosis is severe and you do not want children, doctors may remove your uterus and/or ovaries. However, endometriosis may return even after this is done.
  • Fertility treatment: If you have endometriosis and are trying to get pregnant, your health care provider may refer you to a fertility specialist.

Because endometriosis affects every woman differently, a treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs.

Our experts work with you to determine which treatment or combination of treatments best controls your symptoms and allows you to meet your reproductive goals. At Dignity Health, we help you through every step of the process in treating your endometriosis symptoms in NV, AZ, and CA.