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Dignity Health Medical Group Health Providers and APPs

Dignity Health Medical Group provides exceptional primary and specialty care to patients of all ages. With a wide range of physicians and professional providers conveniently located throughout California, we're able to focus on providing compassionate, quality care that's not only tailored to meet your needs but also conveniently located.

As a part of Dignity Health, our physician-led medical groups practice across a network of more than 160 primary and specialty care throughout the area.

Care that's centered on you.

Our providers practice patient-focused care, building long-term, trusted relationships with every patient. We care for each member of your family throughout all stages of life, from infants to the elderly. Our medical clinics provide:

Providing primary and specialty care

We offer a wide range of specialists when you require more focused care, which include: cardiology, neurology, cancer care, orthopedics, gynecologic surgery, and diabetes care. You can receive care for annual physicals, treatment for common illnesses, gynecology, and preventive care for all members of the family with our APPs.

What is an Advanced Practice Provider?

An advanced practice provider (APP) is a health care professional who has advanced education and clinical training, allowing them to take on a broader scope of practice and perform tasks traditionally carried out by physicians. This category includes nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), certified nurse midwives (CNMs), and clinical nurse specialists (CNSs).

Many of our practices throughout California employ APPs to assist our physicians. These professionals play a crucial role in providing health care services, including diagnosing and treating medical conditions, prescribing medications, and offering preventive care. Advanced practice providers are essential members of health care teams, contributing to the delivery of comprehensive and accessible patient care.

What is a Resident Physician?

After earning a medical degree, a physician begins residency. Resident physicians are doctors who are completing their training in a particular specialty. Our resident physicians are furthering their practice knowledge within both a clinic and hospital setting on the Northridge campus. 

Why choose Dignity Health

Dignity Health offers high-quality, state-of-the-art health care with compassion and unsurpassed expertise at locations close to where you live and work.

  • Patient centered: Focusing on your long-term health and wellness, at every stage of life.

  • Preventive care: Emphasis on preventive care, health screenings, and early detection of diseases.

  • Convenience of care: We offer integrated medical office buildings and pavilions, which house a variety of medical specialties and services in one place. This enables you to get the care you need without traveling.

Expert care with compassion

Find a physician or professional provider near you or search our clinics throughout California. We accept most insurance plans.