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Comprehensive OB-GYN services offered in Sacramento, CA

Our OBGYNs care for women through all stages of life—from adolescence to menopause and beyond. Our doctors are dedicated to providing an integrated approach to women’s health, evaluating and treating patients in a comfortable and trusted environment, with access to the latest in medical techniques and surgical technologies.

Gynecology services  

For comprehensive women’s health care, look to a Mercy Medical Group gynecologist in Sacramento. Our doctors provide a full spectrum of gynecologic care for women of all ages, from adolescence and puberty, on through child-bearing years and menopause.

Not only does our comprehensive gynecologic care include annual exams, health screenings and tests, and treatment of UTI and menstrual disorders, we also offer various minimally invasive surgeries and procedures, including hysterectomy surgery, laparoscopy, ablation and more.

Our gynecology services include: 

  • Routine gynecologic care, annual breast exam, well-woman exam and pap smear
  • Treatment of menstrual disorders
  • Help with urinary incontinence
  • Minimally invasive surgeries - including laparoscopic hysterectomy and endometrial ablation
  • Hormonal (or “hormone”) replacement
  • Family planning and birth control
  • Cancer and STD testing

Our gynecology procedures include: 

  • Laparoscopy - these allow our doctors to observe the organs and tissues via a small camera inserted through a tube, allowing them to better diagnose and problems or issues.
  • Hysterectomy - this is the surgical removal of the uterus, usually done for the treatment of severe endometriosis or certain cancers. We offer minimally invasive hysterectomy options that offer quicker recovery and less scarring.
  • Ablation - this is a treatment for endometriosis in which the endometrial lining is removed.

Obstetric services  

When you're pregnant, you experience a whole gamut of emotions: excitement, fear, anxiety, the list goes on and on. It's often a very confusing and stressful time for a woman. That's why you need an ally on your side to help you through it. You need an experienced, professional OB/GYN. Mercy Medical Group offers qualified obstetricians to provide you and your child with the best care possible before, during and after pregnancy.

Our comprehensive obstetric services include:

  • Prenatal care - ensures both you and your baby are being taken care of and staying healthy during this important time. Our OB/GYNs can advise you on vitamins, exercise and other regimens to encourage healthy prenatal development. Prenatal care is the best way to guarantee you and your child a healthy pregnancy and delivery. 
  • Childbirth services - while pregnancy is difficult and trying at times, the part most women fear the most is the actual act of giving birth. Let Mercy Medical Group’s OB/GYNs alleviate the stress and help with your birth process. Our OB/GYN doctors offer Sacramento childbirth services, helping women deliver their babies in happy, healthy, stress-free environments. 
  • Postnatal care - offered for both women and their new babies. Postnatal care is recommended for the first six to eight weeks following birth to look out for any health issues and ensure the baby’s overall health. It's beneficial to the mother, too, as it helps to recognize any signs of postpartum depression, postpartum back pain and postpartum anxiety, so treatment can commence. 

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