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Liver Cancer Care at Dignity Health Medical Foundation

Liver cancer care

The earlier you seek a diagnosis, the better the outcome for liver cancer is likely to be. That’s why our team at Dignity Health Medical Foundation provides advanced diagnostics and treatments to empower patients as they take action for their health. Our specialized physicians provide compassionate care that is tailored to each patient, wherever they may be on their cancer journey. 

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provides innovative liver care, delivering exceptional diagnoses and offering holistic and integrated treatment. We offer a range of diagnostic services, including biopsies and imaging services. Liver cancer patients can receive personalized care with both non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

Liver cancer care near me

With locations across California, Dignity Health Medical Foundation is just right around the corner. Schedule an appointment with an oncologist today.

Recognize the symptoms of liver cancer

  • Appetite changes

  • Hard lumps below the rib cage on the right side

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Pain near the right shoulder blade

  • Swelling in the abdomen

  • Unusual weight loss

  • Yellowing of the skin

Cancer locations in California

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