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Surgical oncology at Dignity Health Medical Foundation

Surgical oncology

Surgery is often a first-line treatment used to cure or treat symptoms of the disease by removing all or part of the cancer. Oftentimes, surgery is the best chance to reduce the impact of cancer. This is especially the case with early stage cancers that have not spread to other tissues or parts of the body.

Each patient deserves our undivided attention, because everyone we see is unique and deserves personalized care. Because everyone we see is unique and deserves personalized care. The goal of cancer surgery is to remove all cancer cells from your body. A Dignity Health oncologist may also recommend surgery even if only part of the cancer can be removed to improve the outcomes of other treatments, such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy. A physician may also recommend cancer surgery for prevention, diagnosis, staging, or palliative care.

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Surgical oncology specialties

With the combination of leading research and state of the art technology, Dignity Health Medical Foundation surgical oncologists provide high quality, personalized care.

  • Biopsy (Diagnostic surgery)

  • Minimally invasive surgery

  • Palliative cancer surgery

  • Preventive surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery

  • Tumor debulking surgery

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