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Cheek & chin augmentation

Your face is your first impression. Enhance the way the world sees you with cheek and chin augmentation.

Oftentimes, facial features don’t work in perfect harmony, giving you an undesirable sunken or tired look. Cheek and chin augmentation can work to correct these imbalances by bringing your cheeks and chin into proportion with the rest of your face. It can also give you a more youthful look, defining your cheek bones and correcting the receding chin that makes your face look older and heavier.

At Dignity Health Medical Foundation, cheek and chin implants may be elected if you’re experiencing:

  • A receding chin
  • Poor definition of the cheeks
  • Poor definition of the jaw

During your cheek and chin augmentation, our plastic surgeons will insert synthetic implants into your cheeks or chin to increase its size and prominence. In order to better balance the facial features, cheek and chin augmentations are frequently performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty surgery (nose reshaping).

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