Happy Nurses Week

You're a friend, a caregiver, and a guiding light for those who need it most and because of the way you treat others, it is clear that you are a Dignity Health nurse, and we thank you.  

"Nurse" is just one word for who you are

You don’t build a house without its foundation. You don’t build a hospital without its Nurses. A heartfelt thanks to our incredible nurses, who care for our patients with endless compassion and kindness. You help your patients feel better, inside and out.

What Nurses Can Teach Us About Mindfulness

For some professions, practicing mindfulness can be an important and powerful tool. This is especially true in nursing, as it can provide a healthy antidote to what can often be a stressful job. Every day nurses deliver crucial support to patients, console families and welcome new lives into the world.

Check Out Last Year's Nurses Week

Nurses give so much of themselves, day after day. Join us in singing their praises and celebrate a nurse you may know, by finding their photo on our mosaic site and then share to your personal Facebook or Twitter page!

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