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my baby. guides you through pregnancy milestones, helps you identify symptoms and issues, and connects you to services like nurse support. Let us help you stay healthy as you grow your family.

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You’re taking the right steps towards a healthy pregnancy. We understand the value that comes with good advice during this time — rest assured that my baby. will help you through every symptom, sign, and step along the way. Use this app for nearly all of your pregnancy needs, including:


  • Following your pregnancy milestones
  • Sharing instructive emails built for partners only
  • Looking up symptoms & issues


  • Tracking your weight & baby kicks
  • Watching weekly educational videos
  • Receiving daily highlights throughout your pregnancy

For Moms-To-Be

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For First-Time Parents

Familiarize yourself with what's to come and get advice on common issues for first-time parents, like you.