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Skin Care

The staff at Mercy Medical Group can help you keep clear and healthy skin.


Dermatology Services

The largest human organ is the skin, which is the interface for the entire body and the barrier that protects it from the outside world.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to caring for patients who have short-term, chronic and long-term conditions. They have developed ongoing relationships with patients of every generation, from newborns to people more than 100 years of age. Our team works together in an organized system to deliver quality care.

Our dermatology team often treats patients with rashes, cosmetic disorders of the skin including acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and skin changes associated with aging. Our providers also treat skin cancers, melanomas, moles and other tumors of the skin. And they do so with clinical excellence and a gentle sense of humor.

Our dermatology department includes doctors and physician assistants -- together they have combined experience of several decades:

Photo Therapy

One of the unique services Mercy Medical Group offers in the Dermatology Department is Photo Therapy. This is the scientifically controlled use of ultraviolet light to decrease inflammation in the skin. We use the most advanced form of this treatment at our Midtown office.

Mercy Medical Group also offers a variety of specialized plastic and reconstructive surgery services, including cosmetic services and skin care products.

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To learn more about our services and how we can help, please call us at (916) 733-3333 or use our online feature, Find a Doctor tool.