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No Sweat

Mercy Medical Group provides treatments for Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. 


Hyperhidrosis Services

Hyperhidrosis -- or excessive sweating -- can range from mild to severe. It can be a slight nuisance, or a condition that interferes with work and is socially embarrassing. Studies show more than seven million people in the U.S. suffer from Hyperhidrosis.

Symptoms or Issues Created by Hyperhidrosis

  • Most commonly, feet, hands, face and armpits are affected
  • Frequently changing clothing because of excessive sweating
  • Avoiding shaking hands
  • Difficulty writing because pens slips or sweat soaks through ink on a page
  • Missing out on social activities due to concern about sweating

Mercy Medical Group’s Thoracic Surgery team knows this condition can be life altering. A long lasting effective treatment for Hyperhidrosis is to surgically stop the signal transmissions of the sympathetic nerve impulse to the sweat glands. The best way to do that is with a procedure known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS).

ETS Overview

  • Outpatient surgery
  • General anesthesia
  • Small incisions – two less than 1/2 inch incisions on each side
  • Fiberoptic camera and small surgical instruments used
  • Surgeon will locate and cut the right portion of the sympathetic nerve chain
  • Less scarring and quick recovery time

Why Choose Us

  • Thoracic surgeons perform an outpatient procedure in 20 minutes that has long lasting results
  • Most other treatments for Hyperhidrosis are temporary and may cause discomfort

The ETS procedure is performed by our thoracic surgeons at Mercy San Juan Medical Center located at 6501 Coyle Avenue, Carmichael, CA 95608.

This is a condition that no one should have to live with. Depending on insurance, some patients will need a referral from their primary care physician while others may self-refer.

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