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At Mercy Medical Group we provide advanced, specialized neurosurgical care in treatment of intracranial and spinal pathology.

Conditions We Treat

The scope of diagnoses treated includes:

  • Cerebrovascular disorders – aneurysms, stroke, and intracranial hemorrhage
  • Tumors and neuro-oncology – primary and metastatic tumors of brain and spine
  • Hydrocephalus – obstructive and normal pressure hydrocephalus, programmable shunting systems
  • Neurotrauma – traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, complex spinal fractures
  • Stereotactic and micro-neurosurgery – minimally invasive surgery
  • Complex spine disorders – radiculopathy, degenerative arthritis, spinal instability, instrumented fusion and management of the craniocervical junction anomalies


Mercy Medical Group neurosurgeons see patients at the following Greater Sacramento locations:

  • Midtown Sacramento
  • San Juan (Carmichael)

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