The Future of Our Programs

There is no question that partnerships like these expand access to health care for more Californians. But some are suggesting that the University of California should not partner with faith-based nonprofit organizations like Dignity Health to offer this care.

Ending these partnerships would risk eliminating access to urgently needed health services to thousands of patients.

Catholic hospitals like Dignity Health’s agree to uphold Catholic values, such as serving the poor. Catholic hospitals also agree not to perform certain services such as elective abortions. Even though these kinds of procedures typically are not performed in hospitals, the University is exploring whether this affects UC clinicians who care for patients at Dignity Health facilities.

In fact, Dignity Health expects its clinicians to practice health care according to their clinical judgement and the needs and wishes of their patients. Dignity Health also expects its clinicians to inform patients of all of their health care options and transfer a patient to another provider if a certain service is not offered. In recent months, Dignity Health and the University of California have worked to update clinical agreements so these expectations are even clearer.

You can voice your support to continue these vital health programs by submitting comments through the University of California’s online public comment system here: