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Approach to Patients

"There is often a range of options and I discuss all the risks and benefits of each with the patient in detail. As a minimally invasive surgeon, this often means choosing the smallest intervention possible that will effectively solve the particular problem that the patient has. This can be as simple as an office procedure or a small outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, or can move into larger surgeries. But even larger surgeries such as hysterectomy or myomectomy can be approached in different ways such as vaginally, using Mini-Laparoscopy, Traditional Laparoscopy, or Robotic (daVinci) Assisted Laparoscopy. The advantages of robotic GYN surgery include smaller incisions, less scarring, quicker recovery, less blood loss, and less post-operative pain. The approach taken is dependent on the needs of the patient and thus the pain and recovery of surgery can be minimized while accomplishing exactly what is needed to solve the problem and return her to her normal life, only better."

Board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Orady’s philosophy of care is simple even if your case isn’t: Accurate Diagnosis + Minimal Intervention = Maximum Impact


Specializing in Endometriosis and the treatment of pelvic pain, Dr. Mona Orady, provides the following services:  

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