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Find Treatment for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is caused by osteoarthritis and other degenerative disc problems in the spine.

Common symptoms are neck and back pain, tingling, and numbness, resulting from spinal nerve compression. If you have these symptoms, Find a Doctor at Dignity Health for spinal stenosis treatment in the Bay Area.

Our doctors typically follow a step approach for treating spinal stenosis, which includes physical therapy, medications, spinal injections, and surgery.

Physical Therapy for Spinal Stenosis

Your doctor may start with strengthening your neck and back muscles through physical therapy. It can help you maintain good posture and reduce pressure on your spinal nerves.

Medications for Spinal Stenosis

Medications may help reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. These may include:

  • Muscle relaxers
  • Narcotic pain relievers
  • Over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatory medications

Injections for Spinal Stenosis

If physical therapy and medications aren’t enough, your doctor may recommend the injection of medications directly into your spine. An injection of a corticosteroid combined with numbing medicine can help relieve pain for several weeks or months.

Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

Talk with your Dignity Health doctor to see if you’re eligible for spinal stenosis surgery. These procedures include: 

  • Discectomy, the removal of herniated disc material
  • Foraminotomy, surgery to widen the space where a spinal nerve root exits the spinal canal
  • Laminectomy, the removal of the back part of a vertebra
  • Spinal fusion, which uses a bone graft to help two vertebrae grow together

Your doctor will let you know the details, including benefits and risks, of each procedure and help you feel comfortable with your treatment.

Considering Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Your treatment depends on your overall health, the severity of your symptoms, and your personal preferences. Your doctor can help you plan out a strategy that meets the goals of your treatment.

Reach out to Dignity Health today to learn more about your treatment options for spinal stenosis.

Dignity Health hospitals in the Bay Area offer complete spinal stenosis treatment.