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Alleviate Pain & Gain Mobility with Physical Therapy from Dignity Health

At Dignity Health in the Bay Area, we use physical therapy (PT) as a literal hands-on approach to improving your strength, flexibility and movement. PT is rehabilitative, and has been known to stimulate healing, decrease pain and prevent or delay disability following an injury, surgery or a chronic condition in people of all ages.

Why PT is Performed 

PT is usually performed for a variety of reasons including:

  • Alternative treatment: used to avoid surgery or prescription pain medicine
  • Long-term treatment: may help with a debilitating or chronic illness
  • Short-term treatment: generally following an injury or orthopedic surgery

When you come to Dignity Health in the Bay Area, you will find that our physical therapists are able to address health concerns that range from arthritis, herniated discs, fractures and plantar fasciitis to joint replacement surgery, brain and nerve conditions, chronic pain and heart and lung diseases.

What You Should Expect

Your first visit with your Dignity Health physical therapist will be similar to a normal doctor’s visit, as you’ll likely discuss your current condition, symptoms and medical history. Your therapist will then test and measure your strength, range of motion, posture and balance.

With the right PT, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan designed to give you the most benefit and get you on the road to recovery and pain-free movement.

The types of PT you have may include:

  • Chest physiotherapy
  • Education on exercises and techniques you can do at home
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Gait and treadmill training
  • Hands-on therapy
  • Range-of-motion exercises

How to Select a Dignity Health Physical Therapist in the Bay Area 

PTs often specialize in a certain area, such as orthopedic conditions or cardiovascular diseases. If you need PT, your regular doctor will most likely recommend someone to you, but you can still ask prospective therapists about their area of specialization and their experience in treating patients like you with the same or similar condition.

Chances are, the physical therapist you need is available right in the Bay Area at Dignity Health. Get back to a pain-free life now through our Find a Doctor locator.

Dignity Health helps patients in the Bay Area live a healthy life through our extensive physical therapy services in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Redwood City.