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Treating Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

At Dignity Health, we offer a comprehensive approach to cancer care.


Cancer Care

The word “cancer” remains one of the most frightening to hear. At Dignity Health hospitals, our cancer care services are available to help, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. Our hospitals offer preventative care and early detection in addition to advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment like MRI and CT scans, and treatment protocols like chemotherapy and radiation oncology that are state-of-the-art, all to help get you back to your healthy life. We also offer a number of support services and groups for you and your loved ones.

Cancers We Treat

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, or any other cancer, we are here for you.

Early Cancer Detection

It could make the difference in saving your life. Find out if you're at risk.

Cancer Screenings

A cancer screening is a test to look for abnormal tissue changes in your body and detect cancer before symptoms develop. Learn More

Learn More About Our Cancer Care

Dignity Health offers nationally recognized cancer care. Learn more about treatments at a hospital near you.