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    Having a baby is one of life’s most precious moments. Begin your journey with us.

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Birth Centers

The birth of your baby is likely one of the most exciting events in your life, and we want to make sure you and your baby experience a healthy and happy beginning for a lifetime of memories. Our doctors, nurses, and other members of our childbirth team are here for you, your family, and your new baby.  


Pregnancy is a time of great change. The Dignity Health team is here to provide support, guidance, and specialized medical care during this time of transition and excitement.

At Dignity Health, our team of medical professionals are experts in obstetrical care and are dedicated to providing the highest quality pregnancy care in the Bay Area. Learn More

Maternal  Conditions

A maternal condition is any potential health issue that may affect your pregnancy or your unborn baby. 

If you're having a baby, the obstetrics experts at Dignity Health will do everything we can to help keep you healthy. And if you have or are at risk for a maternal condition in the Bay Area, we want to help. Learn More

  • It's Time

    When the time comes to meet your new bundle of joy, our team of OBGYN specialists are here to make your labor and delivery as smooth as possible.

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Labor and Delivery

You're having a baby. It's a time filled with excitement, and a bit of anxiety. We know you need support, and our childbirth team is here to meet your medical, emotional, and social needs by providing individualized labor, delivery, and birth care. Each member of your care team is dedicated to a safe and healthy delivery for you and your baby.

From what to expect when labor starts, to types of delivery including vaginal births and C-sections, we'll be by your side. Learn More

Our Team

Our team of medical professionals are experts in obstetrical care and are dedicated to providing the highest quality care from pregnancy through the birth of your little one.

Zika Virus

The Zika virus causes microcephaly, a condition where a baby’s brain and skull stop growing in the womb or a few years after birth. Microcephaly can result in developmental delays, seizures, poor coordination, cognitive impairments, and impaired motor function. If a woman is infected with the Zika virus while she is pregnant, it can cause this type brain damage and abnormal brain development in her unborn baby. 

Rest assured that our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for fetal conditions like the Zika virus. Learn More

Bay Area Birth Centers

We have several state-of-the-art birth centers in the Bay Area to help you when it's time. 

Visit Dominican Hospital, in Santa Cruz, or Sequoia Hospital, in Redwood City.