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Compassionate Care for High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy involves an increased risk for medical complications. Some high-risk pregnancies involve serious threats to the health of the mother, the child, or both. Other high-risk pregnancies progress smoothly, with neither mother nor child experiencing any problems. 

At Dignity Health, our team of medical professionals are experts in obstetrical care and dedicated to caring for women with high-risk pregnancies in the Bay Area. We invite you to take a free tour of our birth center at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz and birth center orientation class at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City. Find a Doctor online to receive care from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond.

Causes of High-Risk Pregnancy

Common causes of high-risk pregnancy include:

  • Age
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Lifestyle choices 

Risk factors for pregnancy complications include:

High-Risk Pregnancy Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of high-risk pregnancy depend on its underlying cause. They may include: 

Treating & Preventing High-Risk Pregnancy

Treatment and prevention options for high-risk pregnancy depend on the underlying causes: 

  • Women who have pre-existing medical conditions should work with their doctors to keep those conditions under control throughout pregnancy.
  • Women who develop risk factors during their pregnancies should follow their prescribed treatment plan.
  • Women who smoke, regularly drink alcohol, or use illegal drugs can decrease pregnancy risks by stopping use of these substances.

Women with high-risk pregnancies will need regular prenatal care, which may include monitoring and treatment by several health care providers.

Maintaining excellent overall health can decrease your risk of problems during pregnancy, no matter your age. Talk to a Dignity Health doctor about how to stay healthy before, during, and after pregnancy today.

Dignity Health offers personalized services for high-risk pregnancy in Santa Cruz and Redwood City.