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Turn to Dignity Health for Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator cuff surgery (or rotator cuff repair) is an orthopedic procedure that is used to mend a torn or damaged rotator cuff tendon. This tendon is particularly important because it controls the motion of your shoulder joint. After rotator cuff surgery from Dignity Health, you should be able to move and use your shoulder without pain.

Why Rotator Cuff Surgery is Performed 

Rotator cuff injuries are common in the Bay Area, but not all of them require surgery. Your doctor may recommend surgery to treat a rotator cuff tear if:

  • Nonsurgical management, such as physical therapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or injected corticosteroids, hasn’t worked.
  • The tear is from a recent injury, is smaller than two inches or only one tendon is injured.
  • The tear has been causing pain for more than six months.
  • You can’t use your shoulder in a normal capacity.

What You Should Expect 

Rotator cuff surgery can be performed as an open, mini-open (a combination of minimally invasive and open techniques), or a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure. Mini-open and arthroscopic approaches typically can result in smaller incisions, less pain and a shorter recovery period than open surgery. As a result, depending on the kind of surgery you receive, you may go home the same day or you may spend a few nights in the hospital. 

Your doctor will likely suggest that you wear a sling to keep your shoulder stable while it is healing, and that you complete physical therapy as part of your recovery, as best rotator cuff surgery outcomes are achieved by patients who complete the full course of physical therapy. Gradually, you’ll regain shoulder function, strength and stability over three to 12 months.

How Your Everyday Life May Be Different

After rotator cuff surgery from Dignity Health, many patients are able to return to their favorite activities and sports. However, surgery won’t prevent future shoulder injuries. 

You can protect your shoulder and avoid more problems by:

  • Carrying heavy objects close to your body
  • Keeping pressure off your shoulder by sleeping on the opposite side
  • Practicing good posture
  • Strengthening your shoulder muscles with recommended exercises
  • Using proper body mechanics when lifting heavy objects

Come to Dignity Health for rotator cuff surgery that will free you of your shoulder pain and get you back to your active lifestyle. To get started, Find a Doctor near you today.

Dignity Health offers rotator cuff surgeries to patients in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Redwood City, through our extensive network of health care providers.