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Just like people, each cancer is different.

The better we understand cancer the more we recognize the complexities of this disease.


Our Philosophy

The better we understand cancer the more we recognize the complexities of this disease. Just like people, each cancer is different. Cancer is not just one disease; but rather every cancer has a unique cause and unique genetic profile. We recognize that each patient will therefore require a distinct approach and a tailored treatment plan geared toward their individual situation. We also recognize that cancer treatment in today's world of information excess can be a daunting and often overwhelming journey for patients and their loved ones. We believe that the optimal outcome for cancer patients comes from the coordinated efforts of a team of expert practitioners using a multi-faceted treatment approach. Our goal is to provide all-encompassing care for our patients through the integration of today's foremost resources. We utilize the most advanced conventional medical technology and information, along with complementary therapies leading to a compassionate and personalized treatment experience that addresses not only the physical but also the psychosocial and spiritual facets of healing and survivorship.

Our Goals

  • Offer the highest level of comprehensive care for today's cancer patient in their own community.
  • Deliver leading edge treatment solutions through a focused and compassionate team.
  • Endow patients and families with the educational tools necessary to empower them as an integral part of the care team.
  • Promote long-term quality survivorship.

Our Mission

Personalized Care
We believe that cancer care requires a personalized approach. We always bear in mind that we are treating people, not just diseases. Each situation is unique, requiring a custom-tailored, innovative and individualized treatment plan.

Team Approach
We recognize that care for our patients requires a collaborative team approach utilizing the multitude of resources available in our community and leading tertiary care cancer centers nationwide. We also realize that an effective team integrates the wealth of support available through family, friends and complementary care providers.

Integrative Medicine

Health is much more than the absence of illness. It is a constant process of maintaining a sense of balance between your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual self.  

When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you may be overwhelmed by the disease process and the myriad of treatment options. Here at The SLO Oncology & Hematology Health Center, we strive to help you select the therapies that are right for you; to help keep you grounded and help empower you to maintain your balance while enhancing your sense of well-being. Integrative Therapies are supportive measures that can most often help to alleviate stress, relieve pain and anxiety, empower you with a sense of control and well-being, better manage cancer symptoms and treatment side effects, and promote a fulfilling life of quality survivorship.

SLO Oncology & Hematology Health Center Team

Meet SLO Oncology & Hematology Health Center's excellent team of physicians and medical staff.

Our Facility

Our treatment facility is convienently located in San Luis Obispo, California.