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  • Keeping Your Family Healthy

    Family Medicine doctors are experts in common problems that affect family members of all ages. 

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Family Practice/Osteopathic Medicine

Our doctors, physician assistants and family nurse practitioners care for the physical, mental and emotional health of everyone in your family. Also our doctors of osteopathic medicine take a holistic approach to preserving your health.

What Family Medicine Doctors Treat

Family doctors are trained in all areas of medicine. They diagnose and treat the majority of problems that you will experience during your life. If you develop a more complex problem, you can trust they will find you a specialist to consult on your health care needs.

Our family doctors work alongside fully credentialed physician’s assistants and family nurse practitioners to provide acute care, preventative medicine, women’s health and family planning. They are affiliated with St. Elizabeth Community Hospital and participate in your healthcare throughout your entire hospital stay.

Holistic Medicine

If you prefer a holistic approach, you may opt to visit our doctors of osteopathic medicine. These doctors (DOs) apply the philosophy of treating the whole person to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease and injury using conventional medical practice, such as drugs and surgery, along with manual therapy (osteopathic manipulative medicine).

Osteopathic Doctors

As with doctors of medicine (MDs), DOs educated in the United States are fully licensed physicians and surgeons who practice the full scope of medicine.

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