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  • Mind-Body Skills Workshop

    Beginning on May 14, Connected Living is offering an 8-week workshop to learn skills to cope with personal trauma, feelings of sadness and depression, and more.

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  • Being Connected is One of Life’s Great Pleasures

    It is our mission to help those living with disabilities by promoting independence, providing Meals-On-Wheels, transportation programs, and activities and resources that enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of seniors and underserved families. 

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  • Hot, Nutritious Meals, Daily Activities and More

    Each meal provided meets one third of the recommended daily dietary allowance and is approved by a registered dietician. We also host festivities where people can dress the part and join in the fun.

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  • Food Banks and Meals On Wheels

    Connected Living provides nutrition services through multiple senior dining centers, home delivered meals, and emergency food assistance. We’re the designated food bank for Shasta County and a member of Feeding America.

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  • How We Help

    Connected Living delivers power to seniors to help compensate for the high cost of energy. Seniors may feel they have no choice but to give up food, medications, phone and cable in order to pay their gas and heating bill. 

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  • Need a referral?

    The registry program is available for purchase to persons who need honest, reliable in-home help. Connected Living’s role is to maintain the lists of individuals who wish to advertise as in-home caregivers, and who have completed a rigorous screening process.

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  • When You Need a Little Extra Help

    Connected Living offers three unique support groups that meet monthly. These groups include help for caregivers of those suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

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