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The Registry Program is a referral service that we offer to the community for a charge. Housing and facility lists are available for $5 each.

The Caregiver List ($10) is available for purchase to persons who need honest, reliable in-home help. Connected Living’s role is to maintain the list of individuals who wish to advertise as in-home caregivers, and who have completed a rigorous screening process. Connected Living only maintains the list; we do not participate in the employment process. The client and the caregiver make arrangements for hours needed, duties, and rate of pay.

It is the responsibility of the caregiver (as an independent contractor) to pay all required state and federal taxes and to follow all applicable rules and laws. To request a list, please call Connected Living at (530) 223-6034.

To participate as a caregiver on the list, there is an annual advertising fee of $25, payable to Connected Living. First-time applicants will be included in the “New Caregivers” section at the front of the list for the first three months. Fingerprinting is required upon application. FBI/DOJ and National Sex Offenders background check clearance are also required.

Steps to Complete the Application Process

Please bring the following to the Connected Living office:

1. Completed application.

2. Current California DMV print out, with California address.

3. Current California Driver's License or California ID Card, with California address.

4. $25 annual advertising fee.

5. Completed Live Scan form.

If the screening of your application is successful (including receipt of the results of fingerprint screening, which may take up to three weeks), you will then be placed on the Registry List. Registry updates will be made the 1st of each month. Caregiving work can be a rewarding experience. Connected Living Advocates are available to help if you have any questions or concerns regarding your service to your client. If at any time you want to be taken off our Registry List, temporarily or permanently, please notify the Connected Living Registry staff.

Fill out the Registry Cover Sheet and Application to be placed on the in-home caregiver referral service list.