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Safe and Healthy Lifestyles

Mercy Medical Group provides senior care that keeps you on your feet. 


Senior Care Program

Getting older does not mean you have to feel bad. There are several geriatric syndromes, such as failure to thrive, falling, medication confusion or memory problems that can be treated so that you or your family member can resume a safe and healthy lifestyle at home.

High Quality of Life

Mercy's Senior Care Program is designed specifically to help seniors in our community continue a high quality of life. Our interdisciplinary team consists of several doctors, a nurse practitioner, social worker, pharmacist and physician's assistant who are experts in the unique health needs of seniors.

Program Services

  • Information and assistance in identifying and accessing resources for older adults
  • Chronic care management
  • Memory disorder evaluation and ongoing care
  • Medication management and cost savings on prescriptions
  • Home visit program by a clinical provider to a residence, assisted living facility or boarding home
  • Continuity of care at a skilled nursing facility
  • In-home mental safety and comprehensive evaluations

Seniors continue their relationship with their primary care physician for routine ailments, but can be referred to the Senior Care Program to get special help with conditions specifically associated with aging. Care can also be coordinated with home health nursing and other specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, rheumatologists, psychiatrists and cardiologists within Mercy Medical Group.

Medicine is handled with our on-site pharmacist. Our social worker also assists with placement at higher levels of care and financial matters. With our collaborating partners, we can have your loved one visited and evaluated on a regular basis at home.

Continuity of Care

Mercy's Senior Care Team also makes regular rounds at many skilled nursing facilities in the Sacramento area. Once a senior is released from a hospital stay, a Mercy doctor provides ongoing care on-site, and communicates a report back to their primary care physician and specialist.


Senior Care Program Clinic Locations:

3000 Q Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

San Juan
6555 Coyle Avenue
Carmichael, CA 95608

Learn More

For more information about the Senior Care Program, please contact Bridget Skillingstadt at (916) 733-3460 for an appointment with one of our providers. A health evaluation will be completed at the appointment to determine the patient's needs.