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More Than a Game

Baseball is much more than our national pastime. It's our passion and obsession. Sometimes, it's our best medicine. Like reading a good book or laughing with a long-time friend, baseball can be a source of healing and happiness. Every fan has a personal story about how their team, or the game itself, made a positive difference in their lives.

More Than a Game

How a Baseball Story Inspired an Entire Reading Class to Reach New Heights

Stephanie Dube Dwilson / MAY 31, 2016

Time and again, baseball players, particularly those who have overcome adversity, make great role models. Case in point: One teacher used Jackie Robinson's story to inspire a remedial reading class of 12 middle school boys in suburban Dallas to reach higher literacy levels and bolster their self-confidence. In the end, the students learned how to be their own source of inspiration.