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Sustained Through Acts of Generosity and Kindness

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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Your contributions help provide our patients and families with exceptional medicine, today and every day. Our Foundations were established for the sole purpose of securing philanthropic support for our healing mission. Our philanthropic foundations are a vital source of support for an expansive array of health care programs and services. Many of which would not have been possible without the generous contributions of those who believe in our mission.

Dominican Hospital Foundation

The Dominican Hospital Foundation is honored to support the award-winning work of Dominican Hospital through philanthropic contributions from members of the community and local businesses. With your support, we are changing and saving lives every day. Foundation support has touched every one of the hospital's patient care departments and in doing so has impacted the care each one of the Dominican Hospital's patients receive every day.

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Saint Francis Foundation

Founded in 1979, the Saint Francis Foundation is a San Francisco-based non-profit organization entrusted to provide philanthropic support to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and the community the hospital serves. Through the legacy and continuing generosity of caring and compassionate donors, the Foundation is responsible for shepherding funds, reviewing and distributing grants with the goal of fostering outstanding health services to the local community.

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Sequoia Hospital Foundation

For three decades, the Sequoia Hospital Foundation has been proud to partner with our community to secure funds and resources necessary to support Sequoia Hospital’s life-changing and life-saving programs. It is our belief that every gift is special, regardless of the amount. Because the Sequoia Hospital Foundation uses 100% of your donation for patient care, programs and cutting-edge technology you will have the comfort of knowing you have done all you can to support Sequoia’s compassionate, quality care.

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St. Mary's Medical Center Foundation

St. Mary's Foundation receives and manages funds given by donors to benefit St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco, California.  Our mission is to encourage charitable giving, steward donor gifts, and develop our own grant making that enables the provision of excellent medical care with understanding and dignity. The Foundation raises millions of dollars each year for excellent patient care, medical education, community outreach, research, and care for those in need.

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